Welcome to RPCC/NN

Knowledge gateway between climate research and civil society

What is RPCC/NN?

RPCC/NN is a open an independent group of scientists in the North of the Netherlands, engaged in regional climate change research and familiar with or involved in IPCC research. Our purpose is to contribute to an accelerated regional response to the climate change urgency. To achieve this, we answer questions from our regional society about climate change, adaptation and mitigation. We also publish articles and policy advice and we give guest lectures and workshops. Furthermore, we are a sounding board for IPCC, to close the information and communication loop within the science community.

We provide knowledge to:

  • scientists in various disciplines;
  • citizen organisations like political parties, district councils and local sustainability groups;
  • governments like municipalities, provinces and water authorities;
  • entrepreneurial networks, business branches and park management associations;
  • societal services like health care, education, sports, culture and life view.