About the RPCC-NN

RPCC-NN was founded following a survey in 2021 initiated by the Noorden Duurzaam association. In this survey, 30+ scientists were asked if they considered a regional panel on climate change useful as an addition to IPCC. This resulted in a near anonymous ‘yes’. Most respondents were also willing to help answer questions from society coming in through such a panel.

As a next step, a research group was formed for a second survey, consisting of researchers from:

  • The Groningen branch of Scientists4Future. S4F is a self-organised, self-initiated alliance of scientists from Dutch universities and research institutes. The local group in Groningen actively positions itself for immediate climate action at all scales.
    It assists social action and all those concerned by the climate crisis by providing and promoting sound scientific advice on issues related to climate change.
  • The Groningen University, Faculty of Spatial Sciences, Department for Sustainable Transformation & Regional Planning. The department is engaged in academic research and education in planning & development, urban studies and interdisciplinary social sciences.
  • The Hanzehogeschool Groningen, lectorate Spatial Transformation – Water. The lectorate focuses on sustainable living environments. Researchers simulate urban climate and design innovative and cost-effective measures.
  • The Noorden Duurzaam association. ND is an NGO for sustainable development in the North Netherlands region with around 80 members from all societal sectors, including government. Its mission is to research democratic means to sustainable development. Noorden Duurzaam facilitates RPCC-NN for as long as needed while RPCC-NN develops into a regional institution, supported by regional networks of scientists, knowledge institutes and governments.

The group currently focuses on the ‘demand side’ of the panel: civil society and local government. In a series of interviews organisations and networks are being asked whether they would make use of a regional panel on climate change. The results so far (March 2022) indicate large scale support.

Encouraged by the response from both supply and demand, the group is currently inviting panel members, creating this RPCC-NN website, gathering financial support and starting a dialogue with IPCC.

We envision RPCC-NN as a prototype for a more generic RPCC concept that may be useful in other regions as well. We therefore publish our organisation concept and process design as open source.

RPCC-NN core team

  • Farilde Steur, Postdoctoral researcher, Groningen University (chair)
  • Alenka van Ee, master student Sociology, Groningen University (secretary)
  • Christian Lamker, Assistant Professor Sustainable Transformation and Regional Planning
  • Allard Roest, Noorderruimte
  • Jitse Terpstra, master student Sociology, Groningen University, Noorden Duurzaam board member
  • Peter A.J. Bootsma, BSc MBA, chair at the Noorden Duurzaam association